Nov 20

Signal Posts

Signal Posts

As part of the plan to open a Heritage Railway along the Sharpness branch line, the Vale of Berkeley Railway will need to re-install a good number of GWR & LMS signal posts. Whilst we’ve managed to already obtain a few, recently we’ve been very lucky with donations of signal posts.

Rangeworthy GWR Signal

Rangeworthy_SignalEarlier this year we were very kindly donated a GWR lower quadrant Home signal from Rangeworthy, that for many years has been in the garden of a local resident.

A small team from VBR dismantled the signal and moved it to Sharpness where it is currently being refurbished, ready for a new home on the Sharpness Branch line as either a Home or Starter signal, possibly at Sharpness Station.








Meek’s LMS Signal


In October (2016) the Meek family from Charfield kindly donated this LMS upper quadrant signal with both Stop and Distance boards.










meeks_signal-2The original Sharpness branch line was unusual in that it was operated jointly by the GWR & LMS railway companies. As such both types of signalling infrastructure was in place along the line. One day we hope this will be in operation again, perhaps up at Berkeley Station.

In addition the family also kindly donated a GWR lamp stand that again we plan to refurbish.




Restoration Progress


November 2016

Many of the items from the donated signal posts as well as other signalling items have been removed and are being stripped of old paint and grime, cleaned and then repainted.


Robin Payne grinding old paint and dirt off various signalling parts


Judith & Daniel applying red oxide and then grey undercoat on various signalling parts
















September 2016

The Rangeworthy signal post along with 2 others we’ve acquired have been stripped, cleaned and repainted with red oxide then a grey undercoat


Rangeworth GWR Signal Post


Two other Signal Posts








May 2016

The Rangeworthy GWR signal is manoeuvred onto trestles, ready to be stripped and repainted. Note the GWR home final at the top of the signal post.