Jan 06

VBR Featured in January’s Steam Railway

st_rail2017 has got off to a great start with Steam Railway’s January issue of it’s magazine (No. 462) featuring a fantastic 6 page article (p40 to 45) on the Vale of Berkeley Railway and our future plans.

The editor was taken on a tour of Sharpness and met some of our volunteers late last year. The article highlights some of the amazing maritime and railway history in the area, which includes the joint MR/GWR heritage and the accident that damaged the Severn Bridge leading to its eventual and controversial demolition in 1970.







VBR’s plans are later described with an outline of the proposed phases and dates we’re aiming to achieve. Particular focus is put on phase 1 and the establishment of a running operation at Forest Sidings by 2020 and the later restoration of the Sharpness and Berkeley Stations.

A summary of the article may be found here: