Mar 10

03 Shunter on the Move

03 engine trail 1st march 2017

Last Minute Tweaks Before Moving

Wednesday 1st March was a momentous day for the Vale of Berkeley Railway diesel team as the 03 shunter moved under its own power for the first time at Sharpness. After months of overhauling the engine and air system, fitting new injectors, making a new exhaust, and refurbishing the fuel pump, the earlier engine problems have been resolved.

The engine was started and all seemed well with it running much smoother so the decision was taken to test if the loco would move OK and it did.

This shunter will be very handy, supporting the steam operations at Sharpness once they start.


A video of the loco under it’s own power can be seen here

Details of the loco’s overhaul as well as other ongoing projects can be seen on the Projects page.