Mar 02

100 Club’s First Winners

The first draw of the new VBR 100 club took place on the 1st March at the Merchiston Surgery, Swindon, where Judith Freeman, who administers the club, works.

One of her colleagues  Mike Goodfield, very kindly agreed to draw the two winning tickets, with a prize of £62 each. The lucky winners are:

Mr Paul Waldron ticket number 20

Mr JP Cooper ticket number 60


Mr Cooper is particularly lucky as his application was only received over the last few days, thanks to our dedicated Chairman, Howard Parker, making a special trip to the engine shed just to check for any last minute subscribers.

VBR are delighted with the initial success of the 100 club, with 62 tickets already sold for the year, raising £992, of which half of this goes to the railway and the rest going on prizes, two winners are picked every quarter. The more people join the club, the bigger the prizes become and the more support the railway receives.

If anyone is interested in joining the 100 club, please complete and send the form that was in the last magazine or contact Judith Freeman on judithfreeman360@gmail.com.

Best of luck to you all and thank you for your support.