May 17

New Funding Schemes Launched

A series of new funding schemes have been launched in order to help raise money towards the rebuilding of the railway, starting with Phase 1 of our plans, involving rebuilding the original platform at Newtown, rebuilding of the platform at Berkeley and construction of a shed and loco facilities at Oldminster sidings.

  • The Founders Club aims to raise £40,000 quickly over 18 months, by appealing to a small number of people to make a large donation of £1000, either in one go or in four quarterly instalments.


The Covenanters Club aims to raise £72,000, but over a longer period by appealing to a larger number of people to donate just £10 per month over 3 years. This is less than the price of a pint of beer per week.

Money raised from these schemes will also help show external grant funding bodies the level of support we have from members and the wider community, which may go a long way to helping us win a significant grant.