Jan 08

Last Stump Removed from Sidings

The task of clearing Oldminster Sidings of all the undergrowth and tree stumps, without the aid of machine tools (part of the license restrictions) has been a mammoth undertaking, but Vale of Berkeley Railway volunteers working at the sidings and led by Edgar Craggs, have done an amazing job, since starting in April 2018.

In the closing days of 2019, the team finally removed the last stump from the rails, revealing the 4 sidings as there were back in the 19070s as can be seen in the pictures below.













The scene todays looking south and north (see above) is a far contrast to how they looking 20 months ago (see below), overgrown by small trees and shrubs. The work has also helped to improve the environment for the local wildlife, with a ‘dead hedge’ created along the side of the site that in future will be a haven for insects and birds.

Well done to all who have helped.