Berkeley Station


VBR Volunteers digging for the foundations

Provisional work has started to explore how much is left of the building and platform foundations of the old Midland Railway Station at Berkeley, in order to help with drawing up plans for its eventual rebuild.



Berkeley Station 1961

The station was originally built by the Midland Railway in 1876 and closed to passengers in 1964. It stood decaying for years until finally demolished in 1984.

So far the Vale of Berkeley Railway have been unable to find any detailed plans of the station so by digging the foundations its hoped to work out its exact location and size.





Berkeley Station Dig Progress

September 2016

This month has concentrated on revealing more of the right hand wing of the station, where the Gents toilets were located. We have now uncovered both the front and back walls enabling us to measure parts of this wing which will help in drawing up accurate plans of the station’s size. In addition we’ve also revealed some of the bricks used, helping to reveal the colour of the station.

Network Rail have been busy clearing more of the platform from vegetation which will frther help with these investigations.


Map showing the Station Building and the Station Masters House (which still exists) behind.


The Red area shows the parts of the station that have been uncovered to date.













Part of the Right Hand Wing uncovered


View of the excavation work from the front right corner of the building












Earlier this month BBC News and BBC Gloucestershire Radio visited our dig at Berkeley Station to find out more about the Vale of Berkeley Railway and this project.


Tim Cambray being interviewed by BBC News

Tim Cambray gives an interview to BBC Points West which can be seen at 13:05 on the timeline.

A summary is available on the BBC News website:

In addition the Trust’s Chairman, Howard Parker gave an interview on the Mark Cummings show which can be heard at 2hr 39mins 56 secs into the show.



August 2016

Volunteers start to dig to see if they can find anything of the foundations of the old station building.

Eventually they reveal some of the floor and what we think is an old waste pipe, possibly somewhere near the right hand edge of the main building.


Part of the Station Floor is uncovered


The old waste pipe of the Station