Our Organisation

The Vale of Berkeley Railway Charitable Trust (VoBR) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registration number 1176597 and is led by a team of dedicated trustees forming the main management team, with experts in a wide range of areas including planning, civil engineering, and project management as well as experience in heritage railways and museums.

Our aim is to help preserve, and educate the public, on the heritage of the Sharpness branch line and associated environs as well as keep the old skills related to railway engineering & restoration alive. As such we have identified the following objectives for the organisation:


1) The education of the public in the industrial, social and cultural history, the science, technology,
engineering and architecture of the Sharpness Railway Branch line by: The restoration and preservation
of the line, stations, depots, buildings, plant, locomotives and rolling stock as a working museum for the

2) The provision of education and skills training to undertake the recreation, operation and maintenance of
the Sharpness Branch Line, stations, depots, buildings, plant, locomotives and rolling stock and the
restoration and interpretation of appropriate historical artefacts.


The management team is supported by a number of sub-teams such as marketing, shed events, health & safety, membership, engineering and admin, in order to support and help our volunteers with the on-going restoration work of railway related vehicles and items.

To date our volunteers have set up a very impressive workshop, started a dig at the old Berkeley station site and completed the overhaul of a 1967 Vanguard diesel shunter. A wide range of other projects are being progressed, details of which can be seen under the projects section.