Our Organisation

The Vale of Berkeley Railway comprises of two main organisations:

  • A Charitable Trust called the Vale of Berkeley Railway Charitable Trust
  • A Limited Company called the Vale of Berkeley Railway Co. Ltd.


The Vale of Berkeley Railway Charitable Trust

The purpose of the trust is to look after the heritage assets of the railway, help in raising funds for the preservation of the railway and its assets and to recruit volunteers & members to help with the preservation and restoration work. The Trust is managed by a team of elected trustees.

The key objectives of the trust are setup below:

  1. To restore and preserve the Sharpness Railway Branch line (the “Railway”) for the benefit of the people of the County of Gloucestershire and the Public at large by all or any of the following means.
  2. To reflect a variety of the Railway’s historical identities and guises, ranging from construction in 1876 through to the present time, but with a particular focus on the steam era.
  3. To support and interpret the preservation and conservation of the historical connections linking the Railway to local Communities, Sharpness Docks, the Berkeley Canal and all other historical aspects that directly link the Railway to local areas.
  4. To operate the restored Railway, supported by tourism and other appropriate commercial activities and to develop collaborative and mutually beneficial economic, social and commercial relationships with local businesses and enterprises.
  5. To design, build and maintain engineering facilities and infrastructure required to support the heritage and commercial operation of the Railway and to provide a base for the restoration, repair and operation of heritage steam and diesel locomotives and rolling stock and other artefacts which make up the Railway’s total historic collections.
  6. To provide employment and skills training opportunities for individuals, education and training provider organisations.
  7. To promote educational opportunities in all aspects of the history of the Railway, its architecture and its social, scientific and industrial heritage.


The Vale of Berkeley Railway Co. Ltd.

The purpose of the company is to look after any commercial activities associated with the operation and running of a heritage railway, including shop sales, cafe and train rides.

The company is run by a number of elected directors and reports to the Trust.