Our Plans

We have drawn up a comprehensive phased development plan in order to establish a Heritage Railway along the Sharpness branch line, running from Sharpness through Berkeley Station to Berkeley Road where the line meets the main Gloucester to Bristol Railway. The plan comprises of a number of stages, to enable us to start operations as soon as possible.


Map of the Sharpness Branch line


Phase 0.5

This involves installing, with the co-operation of DRS, a run round loop at Berkeley Pad, in order to free the line for heritage use from Sharpness to Berkeley station. Detailed plans are under discussion with DRS, Network Rail, Bradshaws and Railway Support Services.


Phase 1

The aim behind phase 1 is to quickly move the Vale of Berkeley Railway to an operating position, whereby we can run heritage trains from Sharpness to Berkeley. Initially the plans are to establish an engine/stock shed and temporary platform on an area of land know as Oldminster Sidings, gaining access to the Sharpness Branch line at Oldminster junction. In addition a car parking area and small visitor centre is planned.

As an extension to Phase 1, once we’re in an operational position we hope to reconstruct one of the platforms at Berkeley Station, enabling passengers to enjoy a number of walks that start from this location.


Phase 2

Once an operational service has been established then it is hoped to turn our attention to restoring the original Sharpness Station back to how it looked in the early part of the 20th Century.

As an extension to Phase 2 we hope to be able to install a run round loop at Berkeley Station.


Phase 3

This stage of the plans involves establishing a running agreement with DRS so we can eventually run heritage trains all the way through to Berkeley Road.