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4F 4027

4F 0-6-0 4027

The Railway is currently restoring the National Railway Museum’s Fowler class 4F steam locomotive, number 4027, which was the first steam engine to be built by the newly formed London Midland and Scottish (LMS) Railway in 1924. The 4F was an 0-6-0 freight engine, originally designed by Henry Fowler for the Midland railway in 1911. In total 575 of these locos were produced of which only 3 survive in preservation.

Back in 1980 4027 took part in the 150th anniversary of the Rainhill trails.


Overhaul Progress

The loco is now under going a major overhaul. Most of the bottom end of the engine has been completed with the main work currently focusing on its boiler and cylinder block.


January 2016

The blast pipe is under refurbishment with fresh coats of black heat resistance paint applied. This will sit in the smoke box and directs the exhaust steam up the chimney.

2017-01-21 15.25.01

4F’s Blast Pipe









November 2016

Numerous parts of the 4F loco are currently being painted in preparation for refitting once the boiler is complete. Denzil can be seen painting the front Vacuum Brake Pipe.

4F Denzil Painting Vac Pipe

Denzil Painting the Vac Pipe











August 2016

Shotblasted 4F cylinder block

Shot blasted and polymer coated cylinder block

The 4F’s cylinder block has been shotblasted and then coated with a protective polymer resin coating, in the hope it will help prevent further corrosion of the cylinder block casting, which has occurred over the many years of use.







Paul West feeding the shotblasting unit with angular grit granules. Kev is in the tent blasting away at the rear dragbox


Taking advantage of the shot blasting equipment being setup the drag box and other components were also shot blasted and repainted.