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7609_300x2007069 is one of a class of 10 Diesel Electric Shunters (nos.7069 to 7078) built for the LMS in 1935 by English Electric and is the forerunner of the numerous class 08 and 09 Diesel Electric Shunters still in use on the railways today.

In 1940, 7069 was requisitioned by the War Department as their No. 18 and sent to France, but was captured by the Germans after Dunkirk and the fall of France. After D-Day in 1944 the Allies re-captured it, complete with bullet holes, where it was used by the French, working at a General Reserve Munitions Depot until 1957. It was then sold to the Chemin de fer Mamers à St Calais as their No. 7 loco to work at the Connerre-Beille Depot until 1972, when it fell into disuse. In 1973 it was sold to a loco dealer and refurbished.


7069 in LMS days

7069 connerre-beille depot

7069 in the 1970s at Connerre-Beille Depot, France


Unfortunately no other examples of these locos survive today. 7075 did survive the war but was scrapped when its engine was used by the waterworks company at Charters. Three of its sister engines remained in the UK and survived until the BR era where they were classified as D3/6 Shunters, numbered 12000 – 12002, but were withdrawn from 1956 to 62 and subsequently scrapped.





Luckily 7069 was bought by its current owning group and returned to the UK in 1988. It’s a unique locomotive and it’s amazing it managed to survived into preservation. It is now located in the Engine Shed at Sharpness where it’s undergoing a painstaking restoration to return it to its original condition.





Overhaul Progress

January 2017

The first of the black top coats have now been applied. This is then rubbed down before re-applying. Usually up to 3 top coats are applied to get the desired finish and durability.

7069 Painting EngineRoof_Blackcoat

December 2017

Part of the engine mounting brackets have been moved into the machine shop for refurbishment and painting.



October 2017

The engine bay roofs have been lifted and moved into the machine shop for painting. First they receive a layer of primer then undercoat.

EngineRoof2_undercoat EngineRoof_Undercoat







August 2017

Work continues on restoring 7069, with the engine bay and cab sides being painted.