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British Gypsum No 2

NewlyRestoredGypsumNo2_300x200This diesel shunter was built at Thomas Hill Vanguard in 1967 and is a 4wDH, works number TH 184V. It spent most of it’s working life at the British Gypsum works in Mountfield, tipping wagons of gypsum from the mine to the exchange sidings next to the Hastings line. When no longer required it moved, along with British Gypsum No 1 to Electro Motive at its Longport, Stoke on Trent repair facility.


British Gypsum No2 at Longport, courtesy of WNXX




Later the loco was moved to Shildon and more recently to our new facility at Sharpness in April 2016 where a team of our volunteers set to work on servicing and repainting the shunter.

An interesting picture of this shunter at the British Gypsum works, taken by Tom Burnham in Aug 1980 can be seen here and an image, taken by Stephen Veitch of the loco at Shildon 2013 can be seen here.


Overhaul Progress

October 2016

The overhaul of this shunter is now complete thanks to all the hard work from our volunteers. The loco is now used to move vehicles in and out of the shed when necessary and is the first time a shunter can be seen at Sharpness since the late 1970s.


September 2016

Work continues on the overhaul of the Vanguard Shunter, with attention now being given to the cab which when compared with how it looked a few months ago is  excellent.


British Gypsum No 2’s cab looking fantastic


British Gypsum No 2’s cab before restoring work started.












August 2016

After a few months of hard work the team have done an excellent job, with the loco’s external paint work finished. As a result the shunter was later put on a low loader for display at the Gloucestershire Steam & Vintage Extravaganza show in South Cerney where she attracted a lot of people to the VoBR sales stand.


British Gypsum No 2 basking in the sunshine outside the shed.


On display at South Cerney











July 2016

Work continues with painting of the wheels and bottom end as well as cleaning up of the cab.


Peter and Andrew starting to clean up the cab













April 2016

At the end of April British Gypsum No 2 arrived at the Engine Shed. Although a running loco the external condition is in poor condition and so a small team of volunteers have started a refurbishment.