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LMS Brakevan 732195

The 20 ton LMS Brake Van (No 732195) was built in 1946, just 2 years before the formation of British Rail. It was moved to the Vale of Berkeley Railway in April 2017 where work has begun to restore it by the railway’s volunteers.


Overhaul Progress


Sept 2017

The floor from the ends of the van were removed, whilst lots of work continued underneath cleaning up the chassis, brake rigging, sole bar and other parts.



Aug 2017

The ends of the brake van have now had all the rotten wood removed, revealing the metal framework. The lower part has been cut away due to rot and will be replaced.



This great ariel view of the brake van shows just how much hard work has been done over the last few months by our volunteers.












July 2017

ID Number










Lots of wire brushing and needle gunning continues to clean the van’s chassis and sole bar. The sole bar is the large beam of metal running along the top of the chassis, that the wooden part of the brake van sits on. It usually contains the vehicles identification number, in this case 732195

The rotten parts of the floor of the van have now been removed. Note the large wheel in the center of the van, used to apply the handbrake.



June 2017

BrakeVan1_604x480Further stripping of the brake van continues with removal of many of the bolt on bits such as the handrails, lamp brackets etc. The rotten panels have also been removed, revealing some of the iron frame work behind. It appears that most of the wood work on the sides of the van is in reasonable condition, but the wood on the ends, floor and roof are rotten.

Work has also started on cleaning the chassis of the brake van, removing years of dirt and grime using needle guns and angle grinders.

Ken is busy removing some of the rotten wood around the roof and Rob is grinding back the metal frame.




May 2017

BrakeVanRoofRemoved_June2017_640x480Work has started on overhauling this brake van with it been shunted into the barn area of the shed in order for the wood shop team including Keith, Ron, Simon and Peter to start by removing the roof.