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Sturgeon DB994435 2017

Work is now complete by our volunteers to refurbish this wagon, known as a Sturgeon. These 50 ton vehicles were built from 1952 and were a modified design of the LNER 40 ton Dolphins. They were built for carrying rail, sleepers and ballast and had drop down/removable sides and ends.


Sturgeon DB994435 2016






This Wagon DB994435 was built to diagram 1/647 in 1960 as part of lot 3265 at the BR Carriage & Wagon works in Lancing. It would originally have had removable sides and ends, but these have long gone. When restored back to it’s original BR black it will be a very useful addition to the railway carrying track and sleepers for construction and maintenance.






Cambrian Models do an excellent model of this type of wagon, shown here with it’s sides and ends.




For further details and information on the Sturgeon wagons please see the following links:


Overhaul Progress

December 2016

The overhaul of this wagon is now complete thanks to all the hard work from our volunteers. The wagon will be extremely useful for carrying rail and sleepers for construction and maintenance of the Vale of Berkeley Railway.


November 2016

Tink is in the process of finishing off a couple of side panels for the Sturgeon and is in the process of painting them and applying the relevant transfers.


September 2016

The painting of the wagon back to it’s original 1960’s BR black has now finished and the final touches are now being applied such as the transfers and painting of the handbrake wheels white.


Newly painted Sturgeon wagon


Newly painted Sturgeon wagon










Tink applying the wagon’s number











August 2016

Work has started on repainting the Sturgeon back to BR Black. The axle boxes and brake rigging has been inspected and found to be in good order.


Refurbishment has started on the Sturgeon wagon