Digitising Project

A team of volunteers from our partners the Winchcombe Railway Museum and ourselves have now finished the digitisation catalogue project on 7 December 2017, about three months ahead of schedule, even though nearly 2000 more records had to be transcribed than initially estimated.





It had been a busy five months. The first record was transcribed on 25 June. Since then 16 volunteers and the project manager, Michael Quinion, have spent 1240 hours on the project, converting 1547 pages of handwritten text into 9774 digital records. The last part of the job was to digitise the details of a set of 2024 railway tickets collected by R G Austin and donated to the Museum after his death in 1975.

The next stage of museum development will be to begin using the database to identify, label and check the exhibits on site.

For more details please contact Michael Quinion at michael.quinion@wrmt.org.uk or visit http://wrmt.org.uk/.