Digitising Project

A team of volunteers from our partners the Winchcombe Railway Museum and ourselves are digitising the latter’s museum catalogue. This is an important preparatory step before starting the complicated task of moving the collection to Sharpness, where it will form a key part of the visitor facilities.





The project has so far transcribed more than 5000 of the estimated 8000 records but the more difficult part of the job still lies ahead. The more help the project has the more certain it is that the database will be finished by the time it’s needed.


You need to have a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection but no more than a moderate typing speed. You will work at home at your own speed. You do not need to be a registered VoBR volunteer.

Please contact Michael Quinion at michael.quinion@wrmt.org.uk or visit http://wrmt.org.uk/ for more details.