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WPR No. 15


WPR No. 15 at GWSR 2008

WPR No. 15 was built as an Austerity tank engine by Andrew Barclay in 1945 for the Ministry of Defence. In 1964 it was sold to Wemyss Private Railway (WPR), a private estate of tracks linking local coal and mineral mines in Fife to the ports of Leven and Methil. In 1970 when WPR closed, the engine as sold for scrap to T Muir’s scrap in Kirkcady, where it remained rusting away until bought in 2003 for preservation.






The loco first ran again in December 2007 at Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (GWSR) and in 2008 it was named ‘Earl David’ in honour of the current Earl of Wemyss. The video below shows it in operation at GWSR.


Since then the loco ran for a few years at East Lancashire Railway and more recently at the Avon Valley Railway, but now needs some work to it’s boiler and so has been brought to Sharpness for our volunteers to help lift the boiler, where it’ll be sent away for repairs.


Overhaul Progress

January 2017

Work continues to strip the boiler fittings and prepare the loco for it’s boiler lift this month, despite some very cold conditions in the barn at Sharpness.

The backhead has now been stripped and is being cleaned up whilst still in situ.

The grate has been removed and the firebox is being cleaned.

The steam fittings in the smokebox are slowly being removed. After a good few years of use many of the nuts are quite a challenge to undo due to harsh conditions these components are exposed to, but the team persevere.

No15 PaulWest wire brushing backhead

Paul West wire brushing the backhead

No15 Smokebox

Cleaning and dismantling the Smokebox











No15 DrAndy Needle Gunning Smokebox Jan 2017

Andy needle gunning the smokebox

No15 Firebox

Cleaning up the firebox











December 2016


WPR No. 15 at Sharpness

Work started this month on stripping the Austerity’s boiler fittings, both on the backhead and in the smokebox in order to prepare the loco for the boiler to be lifted. The boiler will then be sent away for an overhaul whilst the volunteers at Sharpness concentrate on overhauling the rest of the engine.

Frank, Peter P and Denzil have the honour of being the first to work on this loco at Sharpness.